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Corporate, Association & Group Programs

Recommended for business organizations, women’s groups, health conferences, book clubs and conferences on aging. (All content is available in presentation, workshop, lunch and learn, and breakout session formats and is customized to your group demographic.)

Leadership and Your Inner Monologue: Harnessing the Power of Self-Talk
Your self-talk is where your life starts, yet our self-talk is often our worst enemy. We are intelligent, we are professional, we are impactful. But that voice in our heads can be ready to trip us up at any moment. Clean up and redefine the internal language that sabotages the path to personal and professional success. Healthy wisdom and wit to tame the self-talk beast.  A perfect topic for any professional.

Lose Control and Take Command of Your Life
Sometimes, the best way to be productive is to lose control. Find out how doing less and surrendering to your loss of control allows you to accomplish more, leading to surprising opportunities. Intentionally doing the “wrong” thing and embracing “ignorance” can lead you to the life you never knew you wanted. Learn to lose control and find your way to success.

The Power of Reinvention
Occasionally, life throws a curve ball. Whether it’s a job loss, a troubled child, an empty nest, or just the need for a change, reinvention is a necessity—and a game changer. Learn to hit the curve ball and get back on base by utilizing the power of reinvention through challenging times and beyond.

Are We Having Fun, Yet?
Studies show the importance of fun and play to a healthy lifestyle. Yet most of us are too busy for fun, let alone adventure. Learn to find fun and adventure in your daily life experiences, leading to a happier, healthier, more productive you. Pretty soon, you’ll find your grin again!

Who Is That Woman in the Mirror?
When you’re last on your own list, you usually look it. Self-care is not only physical, but mental and emotional. Learn how to put yourself on a pedestal and “idolize” you, making your health and yes, appearance, a priority in your own life. With a few simple tweaks and some TLC, you’ll soon recognize yourself again!

Student and Teen Programs

(Content can be altered to suit group demographic)

Finding Yourself in a Noisy World
Today’s students are under assault. Whether it’s the media, technology or their own peers, the pressure to be what everyone else wants is unrelenting. In this humor-filled program, students learn how to:

  • “Ignore More” and know when and why to unplug from technology
  • “Be Conspicuous” and decide who they are and want to be
  • “Scare Thyself” and discover how pushing through fear leads to confidence and opportunity